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Parents monitor their teen’s digital activities in a number of ways, such as checking browser histories or social media profiles.

new study from PEW Research Center shows most parents monitor their teen’s online activity.  This includes checking websites visited, social media, and viewing text/call history.  In addition to monitoring, parents are vigilant in discussing online behavior with their kids.  Here are few facts from this recent survey.

  • 94% of parents say they have talked with their teen about what is appropriate for them to share online.
  • 95% have talked with their teen about appropriate content for them to view online.
  • 92% of parents have spoken with their teen about their online behavior towards others.
  • 95% have talked with their teen about appropriate media to consume (such as TV, music, books, magazines or other media).

The WebSafety App makes it easy to monitor teens social media, web-browsing, screen time limits, and text messaging.  Parents receive alerts if their teen posts, searches, or texts sexual, violent, or age-inappropriate content.  Set time restraints during homework or bedtime by activating WebSafety’s curfew feature.  Make the job of parenting a little easier by installing WebSafety on your teen’s mobile devices today!


Source: Parents, Teens and Digital Monitoring

By:  B. Staples