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It’s no secret; teenagers spend time on mobile devices when they should be sleeping. Often, they stay up late reading social media, texting, and browsing. Studies show this leads to anxiety, sleep deprivation, and concentration issues, which can result in bad grades and poor performance in sports.

How can you stop this? Aside from taking away and locking up their phones and tablets, you can use the WebSafety app to set time limits on your child’s mobile device. When kids attempt to use their mobile device during curfew hours, this feature disables their apps. No more arguments about when to put the phone down or fighting when you attempt to take away their tablet. Activate this feature and rest assured your child will get the sleep recommended by doctors, psychologists, and counselors.

Eric Wise, CTO of WebSafety said,

“As a father, I really appreciate the curfew feature we have created.  I use it myself to remind my daughter that between certain hours she is supposed to be doing her homework or sleeping, not on her phone.

The curfew feature sends a push notification to let the child know that it is set, and also renders the phone unusable while the curfew feature is working.”

Download our app today to set phone time limits, monitor text messages, view web browsing, track locations, and much more!



By:  B. Staples